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Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the area of Sarajevo plain, which is surrounded by mountains Bjelasnica and Igman from the Southwest, by Trebevic from the Southeast, middle-range mountains and inter-valley headlands (capes) on the North and Northwest. The average land elevation of the city is 500 m above sea level.

Important information about currency; Local currency is Convertible Mark, international abbreviation is BAM, abbreviation KM is used locally (1€=1.95KM). Catering establishments, shops, shopping malls and travel agencies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot accept EURO payments since October 1st, 2010. Foreign currencies should be exchanged to the official local currency Convertible Mark (BAM/KM).

If you enter Bosnia and Herzegovina by car, you will have to buy vehicle insurance at the border. You do not need this insurance if you have a green card that covers Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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More info on visas for visiting: www.mvp.gov.ba

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