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Zagreb is a capital of Croatia, on the historic and political threshold between East and West, illustrates both the continental and Mediterranean spirit of the nation it spearheads. The city is divided into three parts: the thousand-year old Gornji grad (Upper Town) which contains the Presidential Palace, the iconic St Mark’s Church, the Croatian parliament (Sabor), and museums and galleries which are all set in cobbled streets lit by gas lamps; the 19th century Donji grad (Lower Town) with its shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and parks; and the modern post-World War II area of Novi Zagreb ("new Zagreb") which is full of high-rise buildings and basically has little to offer visitors.

As Croatia’s capital, Zagreb is obviously very well connected to the rest of the country. By far the quickest way of getting to Zagreb from other parts of the country is by air – Croatia Airlines have daily flights from Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

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More info about Zagreb: www.infozagreb.hr

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